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With the Florida High School Athletic Association pushing the start of Fall Sports to at least August 24 last week, many are wondering what the next step will be. After today, the wondering continues. The FHSAA released a three-option draft on Thursday, following a Wednesday meeting of various committees.

According to the Sarasota Herald-Tribune, option one would start practices on Monday, August 24 with the regular season starting September 7. Under this plan, all schedules would remain the same.

The second option would have an undetermined date after August and the regular season would start two weeks after the first day of practice. The regular season would end November 28, with no state playoffs. In their place would be a regional or area FHSAA tournament would be held between November 30, and December 12.

The third option is the one that would completely alter the fall sports landscape as we know it. Under this plan, the season would not start until November 30, with the regular season running from December 14, to January 23.

Obviously, with option three the winter sports season would need to be pushed back. The start would be from March 1 to April 3 after starting practice on Feb. 15. The spring season would go from May 10 to June 12 with a starting practice date of April 26. The state series would remain intact with some possible adjustments for the three seasons in Option three.

As of right now, a vote is scheduled for some time between August 10 and August 17. The likely hope is to adopt one of the first two options, with option three being a drastic option.

Brevard Sports Network will keep you updated on this ongoing story.